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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I grew up in a family that manufactured clothing and textiles, hanging out drinking mate with tango on the radio as all the women in my family worked the sewing machines.

Later, I discovered an inexplicable and wonderful feeling when I was on stage for the first time. I couldn´t believe that all my efforts to memorize quite long texts for a seven-year-old girl (and in Slovenian!) had paid off! From that moment on I knew that I had to get involved in the performing arts and that I had a whole Universe to discover.

I currently live in Madrid. I speak fluent English and, to the horror of my friends back in Argentina, have perfected both Spanish and Argentinian accents. You can read about my training, contact me, follow me on social media, watch videos and more in the different sections of this site. Thank you very much for visiting!





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